Trichianella spiralis

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Abstract: muscles of the thoracic limb of puma (puma concolor) are described with this purpose a dissection of two adult pumas , obteined from the sag and the metropolitan zoological garden and gifted to both university santo tomas and university of chile respectivily the carcasses were fixed with anatomical traditional methods, and. Trichinosis is a disease caused by eating meat that has not been thoroughly cooked and contains cysts (larvae, or immature worms) of trichinella spiralistrichinella spiralis can be found in pork, bear, walrus, fox, rat, horse, and lion. Assignment of business tax procedure and management [assignment of business tax procedure and management] trichianella spiralis.

In 1969 and 1976, 237 rodents and carnivores collected from the bandar abbas area south of iran was examined fro trichianella spiralis 23% of foxes, 25% of stray dogs and all three captured golden jackals were found to be infected.

La trichinella spiralis è un parassita che si rinviene in tutto il mondo e su un gran numero di specie animali, tra cui i topi, i maiali e l'uomo.

Trichianella spiralis
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